The Pride of Barnwood Living

The acclaimed show, “Barnwood Builders” on the DIY Network depicts a group of skilled craftsmen known for salvaging 100+ year old barns and cabins to help to give them a new life.  Headed by Lewisburg’s own Mark Bowe, the West Virginia-based artisans  travel the country to find old structures where they can reclaim the materials before the timber deteriorates.  These passionate woodworkers are industrious and diligent while still maintaining laid-back attitudes and down-to-earth characters.  While creating breathtaking structures, they also strive to show West Virginia in a more positive light.  They are proud of their state and are resolve to disparage the “hillbilly” moniker. Their motto is “Work hard, Be kind, Take Pride,” and every episode shows those words resonate through each one of them.

With the show gaining more popularity, Mark and the crew’s next step was to open a showroom that shares with the public, not only their own work, but to share stories, recipes, crafts, and more by people that have similar passions as they.  They even carry a custom-made line of Mark’s favorite snack – pickles! As the Office Manager for Barnwood Living, Katherine Shelton mostly stays behind the scenes and cameras, but keeps the wheels running smoothly at the Barnwood Builders’ store in downtown White Sulphur Springs.

As a White Sulphur Springs native, Katherine understands the importance of and supports small businesses that help to grow her thriving community.  She began working with Mark Bowe in 2011 when he started an insurance business while continuing to grow his other passion, “Antique Cabins & Barns.”  She continued with him in his journey as the structural salvaging and renovations he was doing developed into the television series.  In February of 2017, Mark and company opened a retail showroom in downtown White Sulphur Springs as a place for clients and fans of the show to visit and learn more about they builders they have come to know and love.  The showroom is laid out in a way that it highlights their barnwood and timber frame concepts to enable visitors to have a more sensory-filled experience when they came through the shop.  They feature items that the Barnwood crew creates as well as hosting a few other select local and regional artisans and their handmade work.  Thousands of people from far and wide (including England and Australia!) have flocked to the store to try and catch a glimpse of their favorite builders or to purchase some of the store’s popular Crew Gear!

Katherine is proud that the Barnwood Living store embodies the lifestyle of the American pioneer – building things the old way, the right way, and with pride.  She, and the show, understand how special the Greenbrier Valley is, which is why they both chose to stay in the area.  Her entire family still resides in White Sulphur Springs or the surrounding areas.  Katherine states, ” The Greenbrier Valley is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  Why would you NOT be here?”

Recently, Katherine and her husband, Ben, walked their daughter down the aisle in a beautiful outdoor wedding.

Mark and his guys bestowed upon the day stunning barnwood touches that included a gorgeous handcrafted wedding arbor.  Adorned with beautiful flowers from local grower Pam West of West Farm WV, the bride and groom said their vows in front of the attractive structure.

During the reception, the wedding party and guests danced on a custom wood floor and had pictures taken in a timber-framed photo booth, also made by, you guessed it – the Barnwood Builders.

To see this Barnwood Wedding featuring Katherine & her family, Pam West, and the Barnwood crew, it will air this upcoming Sunday, September 2, 2018 at 9:00 on the DIY Network.

Taking pride in everything is what the Barnwood boys do.  That includes the relationships they cultivate and keep. Tune in this Sunday to see them in action as they help to create a wedding that Katherine and her family will remember for a lifetime!

Thank you to Katherine Shelton, Pam West, Brittany Jarrett, and CPImagery for their contributions to this story!

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