REALTOR SPOTLIGHT: Meet Amy Anderson, Realtor & Specialized Buyer’s Agent

Amy Anderson joins Grist Real Estate Associates as a Specialized Buyer’s Agent.  We recently visited with Amy to learn more about her and discuss her local and professional past, present, and future:

GREA: Hi Amy!  How are you connected with the local area?

AA: I was born and raised in the Greenbrier Valley.  My and my husband, Tim, families still both live here in Lewisburg.  We both have ties that run deep in our hearts for this area.  I’m blessed to be an aunt to my niece and nephew, Kymberlyn and Conley and a “bonus” mom to Ava and Hayden.

GREA:  What is your professional background?

AA:  Real estate is a new venture for me.  I have been an entrepreneur for the past ten year as the owner, operator, and licensed aesthetician for Azulyn Day Spa here in Lewisburg.  I also have a business and finance background.  My husband is also the owner of his own company, Anderson Agri Services.

GREA:   What are some of your favorite hobbies/activities?

AA:  I enjoy arts and crafts and exploring my creative side.  We also love flower and vegetable gardening at our farm, just outside of Lewisburg.  My favorite thing to eat is fresh veggies from our garden. We grew so much this year that we were giving away bags of our produce!   I also love spending time with my family, friends, and our animals and we love the outdoors!

GREA:  What kind of animals do you have?

AA:  We have three dogs (Mya, Cowboy, and Joy), three cats (Lilly, Luna, and Miss Betty), a horse named Punk, and cattle.

GREA:  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

AA:  I would travel anywhere in the world, but Lewisburg, WV will always be our home.

GREA:  What can you tell us about your role as a specialized Buyer’s Agent?

AA:  Buyer’s agents are realtors that advocate specifically for buyers.  Imagine you were being sued.  You would not want to hire the same attorney as the person bringing the lawsuit against you.  If you were to approach a listing agent about a house and mention how much you love the house or any personal information, the listing agent has no restrictions on passing along that information to the seller.  Buyer’s agents are legally bound to help the buyer(s).  We help buyers search for, evaluate, and negotiate on behalf of them.  

GREA:  Thank you, Amy and welcome to the team!

Amy Anderson Spotlight


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