Fields of Gold Farm


FIELDS OF GOLD FARM on 80 acre of lush rolling pastures and woods 6 miles from Lewisburg. Mts. views, fenced and gated. A grass fed cattle grazing operation in a profitable lease arrangement. Premier home site with well, buried electric utilities, perked for septic, Spectacular views, 60 to 40 pasture to woods ratio.

Owner’s Narrative


    Old Asbury Road and Disk Drive, Asbury WV

    Almost 80 acres, only 6 miles from Lewisburg! Private, lush rolling pastures and woods with a spring-fed pond in a quiet, peaceful valley. Long-range mountain views. Abundant wildlife, with whitetail deer, Fox and grey squirrel and wild turkey. A perfect place for a year round house, hunting camp or get away. Close to Lewisburg, I-64, and the Greenbrier Resort. Completed fenced and gated with a beautiful driveway. Must see to appreciate the size, beauty, and potential of this park-like property.
    Fields of Gold Farm is 77 contiguous acres of fenced, gently rolling grass pastures and mixed hardwood forests. This private, pastoral property has long-range mountain views. It is primed for development.
    • Pastures and forests comprise and surround the property. No other houses are visible in summer.
    • Privacy and quiet await. The loudest sound you will hear is the buzz of a passing bumble bee and the croak of the frogs in the evening.
    • Broad open meadows run the entire ¾ mile length of the property, with a 60-40 pasture to woods ratio. The property’s showcase is a majestic 4-1/2 acre section of 75 year old hardwood forest surrounded by meadows. Fields of Gold Farm has the look and feel of a state park.
    • Numerous long view house sites dot the property. A premier home site has been developed with a driveway, well, and conduits for underground utilities.
    Location: Fields of Gold Farm is 6 miles (15 minutes) to Lewisburg WV, one of the official “Coolest Small Towns” in America (2011). Drive just 4 miles to the Interstate (I-64), 10 miles to the Amtrak station in Alderson, 15 miles to the Greenbrier Valley Airport, and just 20 miles to the world-famous Greenbrier Resort with its annual PGA tournament.

    Access: Fields of Gold Farm is 100% accessible. Every part of the property can be driven by car, truck, or ATV. There’s easy walking throughout the property. It is perfect for hiking, snowshoeing in the winter, or year-round ATV. Four gates from all sides provide vehicle entry to the completely fenced property (1-1/2 mile perimeter). Old Asbury Road borders the north (top) portion of the property. Disk Drive, a well maintained, tree-shaded lane, provides access to the heart of the property via the gated driveway. Disk Drive also serves as a short right-of-way to other valley citizens. Access to electrical and cable utilities is available on the property.
    Development Potential: The property is perfect for an ultra-private luxury single home, rustic hunting camp, modern “tiny house,” or a seasonal camper! The property is big enough for multiple home sites, even a golf course! The sun-washed western hillside with its alpine meadow, may be perfect for starting a vineyard. The hardwood forest is unspoiled, perfect for a timber frame home, cabin, or even a tree house.
    Premier House Site: A 1/3 mile gravel drive winds gently through the trees across the property. The drive leads up to the centrally located premier home site. This site has been perked for a septic system. The site has a 400′ deep well through limestone which can provide 20-25 GPM of fresh water. Electrical utility buried conduits have been laid to tie into off-property overhead power lines. A separate adjacent area has been cleared and leveled for a barn, garage, or other outbuilding.
    Spring-Fed Pond: Willow trees and cattails shade the gentle banks of a 1/2- acre pond in the center of the farm. The self-sustaining spring-fed pond has been cleaned and sealed to prevent water loss and to maintain a constant depth. You can watch from the shore as turtles sun themselves on logs and dragonflies dart about in the evening.

    Wildlife: White tail deer, wild turkeys, grey squirrels, Baltimore orioles, and a Red Tail hawk all make their homes on this property. There has been no hunting on the farm for over 10 years. The farm is on the migration route for Monarch butterflies. They can be seen all over the property in season. The farm is a superb site for star-gazing at night. Falling stars and comets abound
    History: Several small farms were combined to create today’s Fields of Gold Farm. A few low stone walls and ancient tree lines mark some of the original farm interior fences. One of the property’s highlights is the stone foundation outline of an “Irish cottage” circa 1840s, with it original hand-hewn stone fireplace and chimney still intact and standing. The original homestead water cistern is nearby. A 2-story, 100+-year-old weathered barn wood/corn crib stands close by. Elsewhere on the farm is an old fruit orchard, a Siberian-oak lined carriageway, and a pair of unique and distinctive rock outcroppings. In the pre-colonial era, this area was part of the original “happy hunting grounds” for Native Americans. During the Civil War, a large Confederate military encampment was garrisoned on a nearby hillside for several months. To our knowledge, the property has never been searched for military artifacts. Who knows what might be found when you explore with a metal detector for the first time?
    Enterprise: Fields of Gold Farm is registered with the WV Farm Bureau. In 2005, a property survey was completed, registered, and filed with Greenbrier County. The farm is currently an environmentally low impact, free range, grass grazing beef cattle operation. The Farm has a leasing agreement with Big Springs Farm. Big Springs Farm managers graze beef cattle on Fields of Gold pastures for about 10 months a year, and are on the property daily to maintain the cattle and the property. This has been a profitable enterprise for the past 5 years. This contract may be transferrable.
    The property owner has full mineral and timber rights. Gas and oil companies have made inquiries about potential natural gas development. The Farm’s attraction is that it is a large tract of accessible, contiguous property, without a dwelling, in the middle of the Marcellus Shale.
    Selective hardwood harvesting is a viable income producing option. There are frequent inquiries from select timber cutting firms concerning the standing hardwoods on the Farm.

    Horses: With nearly 80 acres of land in which to graze, pasture, and ride horses, Fields of Gold Farm is perfect for riding now, and for developing stables and paddocks. Acres of pastures and miles of potential bridle paths are contained on the property. Access to water is available from multiple sites. You can trot, jump, and even gallop across the wide, flat pastures. You have multiple choice of sites for stables and paddocks.

    Shooting Sports: WV is gun friendly, and Fields of Gold Farm is the perfect place to enjoy the shooting sports. You can shoot anything from a BB gun to a .50 caliber BMG! There are multiple locations on the property to set up a close, medium, or long distance rifle and shotgun shooting range. All ranges have safe backstopping into the large western hillside. No houses, dwellings, or restrictions interfere with your firearm enjoyment on Fields of Gold Farm.
    Unique to the property are two naturally formed semicircular embankment ranges. These afford 25 yards of safe, 270⁰ directional shooting. A separate area has been leveled and cleared and is perfect for a multiple position range from 3 to 100 yards. This area will perfectly accommodate a “Steel Challenge” course.
    You may shoot from almost anywhere on the property. The wide western hillside provides a safe and complete backstop.
    Action shooting is possible on a 400+ yard long, multi-gun “run and gun” course set up in the hardwood forest, YOUR hardwood forest.
    Over the past 10 years, multiple range configurations have been used across the property with distances ranging from 50 to 325 yards. With a bit of careful positioning, a safe 700+ yard rifle target can be built.
    A favorite range configuration has been set up in the “carriage lane” under the century-old oak trees, allowing you to shoot all day IN THE SHADE.

    Directions to Fields of Gold Farm, Asbury WV., 24916
    Google Maps: Old Asbury Road and Disk Drive, Asbury WV
    37 Deg 49’42” N – 80 Deg 32’58 W
    Nearest town is Lewisburg, WV., 24901
    It is about a 3.45 hour drive to Fields of Gold Farm from Dulles Expo Center in Northern Virginia.

  • Capital Improvements

    Removal of condemned dwelling (wood farm house) 2006 n/c
    Interior cattle fence and gate 2006 $1000
    Removal of barn, reclamation of barn wood and timbers. Almost 12,000 linear feet of quarter-sawn white oak. Old-growth barn wood was reclaimed. Will convey or negotiate separately with sale. 2007 $9000
    Pond: drained, cleaned, sealed 2009 $2000
    Driveway: graded and gravel 1/3 mile with cattle gate 2010 $10,000
    Trees: planted Leyland Cypress trees for boundary privacy screening 2012 $1500
    Tree trimming: cleared trees near “Irish Cottage” and chimney 2012 $300
    Water well: 400′-deep water well with 20-25 GPM flow 2013 $13,000
    Buried utility access: buried 400 yard dual conduits for underground access to electrical and/or cable utilities 2013 $4000
    Site clearance: outbuilding/garage 2013 $13,000
    Fence replacement 2014 $950
    Property Clearing: annual maintenance 2005 – 2014 $25,000
    TOTAL $76,750

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