Pat and Stuart Margolin

Buying and selling a home is a very personal experience.  The process can sometimes be lengthy and intense, so it’s almost inevitable to not create a deeper relationship between clients and their realtors.  It’s always wonderful when those relationships turn into friendships, especially after both parties work hard and diligently to achieve their common goals.


“It is a pleasure to write about our friend Paul Grist whom we met a year ago. We not only bought a beautiful home in Lewisburg with Paul’s help but we listed our equally beautiful home in Monroe County with him. We met Paul in his office last spring and within four days we had an offer accepted for our Lewisburg home. We could only have moved that quickly with someone who is focused, knows his market, and has an intuitive sense of what a buyer wants. With our desire to live within the Historic District as a guide, Paul zeroed in on 4 houses and one was the dream home in which we are now living.

Check out his superb presentation of our Old Mill House and you will understand that whether buying or selling, you are with the best with Paul Grist.

A great realtor, a great friend. Thank you Paul!”

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