LiveGreenbrier – WV and The Greenbrier Classic Rise from Last Year’s Flood

Monday, July 3, 2017 marked the first day of the 2017 Greenbrier Classic golf tournament.

Last year at this time, Greenbrier County, WV was trying to recover from a devastating flood. The “1,000-year flood” took the lives of 23 people and ravaged over 600 homes. The Greenbrier Resort and the PGA cancelled the annual event and the hotel opened its doors to many displaced victims of the disaster. Rebuilding was critical to The Greenbrier and its event, but more so to the local community – the people, their jobs, and their businesses.

This year’s Greenbrier Classic is not only an attraction for many, but will also be a celebration of healing and rebirth. Countless numbers of volunteers came together to help reconstruct the area and peoples’ lives. Fifty-three weeks later, damaged areas have mostly been repaired, but communities have felt the economic hit. Local businesses need tourists more than ever. If you’re in the area or will be, please stop by a shop or restaurant and show support for our tenacious small towns. We have come a long way and don’t plan on stopping any time soon.#shoplocal#thegreenbrierclassic#wvstrong…/greenbrier-county-businesses…

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