Hisashiburi, Jeff Curry! (Long Time, No See)

The name Jeff Curry might not be a household name (yet), but he has made some pretty big marks in the music world and is working on making more.  Originally from Lewisburg, Jeff and his family currently live in Tokyo, Japan.  There, he leads a progressive metal band named “Ebonvoid.” They have released two EPs and are planning on recording a third very soon.  He plans on the newest one being a full-length album with both instrumental and vocal versions.  Jeff is also a member of a world music group named “Tokyo Groove Alliance,” a contemporary world-jazz quintet.  What makes this group interesting is that each member contributes to the music writing and the percussionist and sax player play many native instruments from all around the world.  TGA also just recorded their own CD.
Jeff also spends his time writing music, personally and for other artists.  One of his projects is writing big band music.  Jeff is also working towards having an original big band in Tokyo.  Players are currently in place for this endeavor and once more material is created, his dream will come to fruition.  He also writes arrangements of standards for a couple singers in Tokyo.  In his “free” time, Jeff also does a bit of teaching.  He hosts a fun project called the Composers Jam session.  There, members bring in tunes and read them down with no rehearsal.  Jeff and his counterparts then play the song and critique it.  
Thirty years ago Jeff got his musical start in Lewisburg playing with friends and local musicians that included   Fen Ikner, Paul Johnson, Dan Freeman, Daryl Clemons, Delton Weikle, & Billy Ayers along with a myriad of others. Being older than he, Weikle and Ayers were a huge contribution to Jeff’s musical development.  He stays in touch with many of his early peers.  A few years ago, Jeff helped Delton Weikle with a project where he contributed his bass skills along with another local, Tim Pyne, on drums.  One anecdote from playing in West Virginia was when he and his friends traveled to Fayetteville, WV to the skating rink where they were supposed to play.  It turned out that the venue was not expecting them, but they performed anyways.  That same night a fight almost broke out between the band members and some local boys because the latter were jealous of their girlfriends being so enthralled with the music! Ah, youth. In addition to playing with his friends, he also performed professionally with the Greenbrier Valley Theater, Ghost Town Swing, & had a steady gig at The Greenbrier Resort playing jazz six nights a week. Looking back on his days in Lewisburg, he felt blessed to have such strong musical support from the local community.  
Jeff will be playing with the West Virginia Jazz Orchestra on Monday, March 26, 2018 at 7:30 in Greenbrier Valley Theater.  The show will include a Q&A session with Jeff and moderator Virgil Kelly (another local musician with whom Jeff has played) and will feature five original compositions that were composed and arranged by Jeff.  If you’re able to make the event, don’t miss out so we can show Jeff that our community support for the arts is stronger than ever!

Thank you to Jeff Curry for giving us some great content to share!  We will leave you with a sample of his incredible talent!

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  1. It’s so cool to see one our locals travel around the world and make such an amazing contribution to the arts. Then to make it even better he brings his talents home to share it with us.

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