Drop Your Drawers Here – What a Difference a Laundry Chute Makes

Over the years, I have lived in a number of homes.  One of my favorite aspect of a few of them was their laundry chute.  Laundry is one of my least favorite household chores, so I’m in favor of anything that makes it easier.  Having kids and being a bit of a fashionista makes for a constant cycle of washing, spinning, and drying.  Ugh.  Because my facilities have  generally been in the basement, getting the clothes down to be laundered is just the first step of the dreaded chore.  Enter the laundry chute.  How fun and easy is it to open a door and drop your clothes, sheets, and towels down so they fall gently into a heap rather than lugging them down two flights of stairs?  Sure, some things might occasionally become stuck, but it’s a fun challenge to see what you can throw on top of them to finish the job.  If it’s something just out of arm’s reach, a grabber comes in real handy.  These are small prices to pay for getting a head start on a task you loathe.

About four years ago, I made some much needed renovations to my house.  The kitchen was gutted and remodeled, half of my basement was finished and made into a living area, and my two bathrooms were redone.  The bathrooms were stripped down to the studs.  Sinks were torn out and built-ins were created.  It got me thinking –  what a perfect time to install a laundry chute!  I wanted the renovations to not just be improvements to the look and feel of the rooms, but also making the house more efficient and livable.  After discussing the option of installing a laundry chute with my contractor, it turned out to be an easy job.  The bathrooms were stacked on top of each other in the house and the washer and dryer were located in the basement beneath them, so it was a fairly simple installation.  

In an open corner in the hall beside the upstairs bathroom, they built out a 30 inch high two-sided column with a hinged lid on top.  This leads straight down to the downstairs bathroom in which there was a square cut out of the wall and a hinged drop-down door to access it. The chute was lined with a thin, slick liner so the contents could slide down easily.  In the basement, they land directly in front of the washer.  

The addition of the chute was a game changer.  Gone are the days of piles of dirty laundry in the kids’ rooms that I have to collect (for the most part).  Though I’ve had to periodically discuss with my kids the importance of not jamming big bulky comforters down the chute or not throwing down anything other than laundry, I have still avoided a child thinking they can fit down the chute (which, thankfully, none of them are able) or any other major instance.  Not only has the laundry chute made a positive difference in my home, but it’s also a notable selling point if and when it comes time to move.  It is by far one of my favorite aspects of my house. What’s one of your favorite details of your home that makes life a little eastier?

(Images of my upstairs laundry chute)

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