583 Sporting Club Drive: A Conversation with Ed Roach, Architect

The current owners of this exceptional Greenbrier Sporting Club home asked Lewisburg architect Ed Roach to redesign the master suite and part of the ground level. Roach, a graduate of the Virginia Tech School of Architecture, has designed many of the Sporting Club homes, and has taken on projects at The Homestead and throughout the region.

We asked Ed to give us his impression of the property and tell us a little about his work on it.

Grist: What is especially appealing about this home?

Roach: I like the ground level entrance. You enter a hallway and go up a gorgeous staircase and everything suddenly opens up. There’s an element of surprise. It’s like coming through a tunnel into a sports arena – your whole perspective changes. Now you’re in an open room with a big chimney and a lofty ceiling, looking at a golf course and the mountains.

Grist: Speaking of surprising elements, the double-sided gas fireplace in the master bedroom seems to draw people’s attention.

Roach: I was trying to simplify the layout and maximize the space. The room is large, but because you can see through the fireplace the bedroom connects visually with the bath and makes it seem even more spacious.

Grist: What did you do on the ground level?

Roach: I reconfigured what was an office and added a bathroom so it can serve as a fourth bedroom, or any number of other uses.

Grist: What do you feel you added to the home?

Roach: The original design has a lot of nice elements – I think I just enhanced some of them and created a better flow. It’s a very comfortable, appealing home.

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